Measuring Windows for Curtains – a Quick Guide

We’re often asked by customers how to measure a window for curtains. It is SO important that you get this first part of your new curtain process right otherwise your curtains won’t fit, you might be using more fabric than you need, or they may need to be remade.

Follow this step by step guide to ensure your measurements are correct and you will end up with the curtains you are hoping for

What you’re going to need:

  • Tape Measure (or Laser Measure if you’re super smart!)
  • Notebook to keep your measurements. If you’re prefer using tech you can set up a Note on your Smart Phone so that you have them with you wherever you go.

Measuring Windows For Curtains

  • Start by measuring the window recess. While this isn’t strictly necessary, it’s a good idea to do it while you’re taking other measurements as you may be asked for these dimensions in the future. Measure both the width and the drop of the recess.
  • Next measure your track or pole. If you haven’t installed it yet then just measure the track itself.
  • If you haven’t bought the track yet, allow 15-30cm each side of the window so that the curtains can be stacked. When you install it, the track should be 12-15cm above the window.
  • The curtain drop is very important. This is the exact measurement from the pole to where the fabric finishes. Measure twice to make sure.
  • A couple of other helpful measurements to take are the head above the window (ie: the top of the window to the ceiling) and from the window sill to the floor.
  • Make sure you’ve written all of your measurements to send to your curtain maker. Take your measurements in centimeters if possible, but if you use metric or imperial please make sure that all dimensions are in the same system.
Remember to take your measurements in centimetres

How to Measure For Curtains Video Tutorial 

Can’t work out what we mean? Here’s a short video tutorial to help you through the measurement process.

And that’s all you need to do! We hope this has helped, but if you’re still unsure and would like to talk to us, please get in touch and we can talk you through anything your not clear about.

September 5, 2022 12:26 pm

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